Monday, April 2, 2012

More rejection...

Well, out of the 30 some images I uploaded to Dreamstime, I thought there were 2 or 3 that FOR SURE would be accepted, but they weren't. Every single one of them was rejected, and for about 10 minutes, I was kinda bummed, then I remembered the advice that I got from one of my Dreamstime pals.... "be prepared for rejection...a LOT of rejection!" and I made the decision to NOT be disappointed, but seize the opportunity to learn! I read the reasons for rejection, and it wasn't that they were bad images, they jsut weren't good stock images. I felt better. The rest of them had their own issues, but I am learning, and I refuse to give up! The successful stock photographers that I see on there are the ones that stuck with it, and refused to give up, even when their acceptance ratio was incredibly low! I realised that mine is very low, and that its a numbers game as much as a skill game, so I took some more pictures and practiced and experimented, and little by little, I am improving as a photographer! I WILL be a success, I WILL be skilled, and I WILL be happy!

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