Monday, April 23, 2012

Encouraged, Yet Challenged

I have been plugging away at Stock photography, and I have been very encouraged by my success so far....and I use the term success loosely, as my definittion of sucess right now is to get pictures approved and into my portfolio at Dreamstime. I am currently at 13 photos, which to me is encouraging because I know the skill level that I am competing with, and so that is where I am challenged! I used to think I was a pretty good photographer, as I had a handful of pictures turn our really well, but the majority of them were "Crappy snappy's". As I began to learn about photography, and various techniques, I realized I really didn't know anything about photography. That was a painful realization, as I was someone who prided myself in having an interest in photography. Well, I have been learning a lot, and I look at pictures that are already on Dreamstime, and I see where I need to be in terms of skill level, and I take it as a personal challenge!! I can do it! I can be that good, and I can learn and become a wonderful, successful photographer! I really want this to become more than just an expensive hobby, I want this to be my career, and I want to be a success!

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