Saturday, January 28, 2012

Engagement Photos Shoot

So I had the pleasure of going to the High Level Bridge and the Legislature to do some engagement photos with a lovely young couple! The weather was fairly cooperative, as the temperature was cool, though comfortable, and the sun stayed hidden so we wouldn't have to worry about tough exposures and squinting. We had a great time, and though the couple was a little nervous about posing and having their pictures taken, but by the end, they were having as much as as I was! I think I need to spend some time coming up with a few more poses that look natural and fun! I had enough poses for what we needed, but if I were to do a bigger shoot, I would need some more variety. I was fortunate that the Bride-To-Be and I had a lot of the same ideas for poses and pictures, so working with them was a breeze! I look forward to doing the final edits and color corrections on the photos and turning the images my camera saw into my final vision of those moments! I am very excited about growing and learning from this experience (ie: on cold days, have a blanket for the couple to sit on while on concrete!) and taking that with me to my next photo opportunity.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

I am a member of a Photo community called, and I was amazed the other day to hear people's responses to one of my images. I posted an image that for me, made me feel calm and happy and quiet, while another member posted that the image made him feel sad, lonely and solitary. I found it very interesting that the same image could evoke 2 completely different emotions! I began to think about emotions in pictures, and I realize that pictures that I really really like are the ones that evoke stronger emotions. I have seen some pictures and thought, "wow, that is a really beautiful picture" but there isn't much emotion in it for me, while I can see a slightly different image and love it because of the emotion I feel when I look at it. So now I am left wondering how one would take an image of pure emotion? Its the question of "what does the emotion confusion look like? what would anger look like? or sad? happy? compassion?" Can you guess what my next project is going to be?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My First "Gig"...

My parents are wonderful people! As soon as I told them I was getting into photography, they agreed to let me "practice" on them, doing portrait pictures! It was a very sunny day, and very windy! As I didn't yet have studio backdrops, we had to go outside, so thankfully it was warm out! Looking back on the experience, I would do things a little differently, but that is why we practice! I have learned the value of getting the image as right as possible with the camera, as Photoshop can only do so much! And I am also going to invest in a backdrop or two, with a portable least then I will have a Plan B! Learning aside, we had a lot of fun doing the pictures, and hopefully my folks had jsut as much fun (and will let me take pictures of them again!).