Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My First "Gig"...

My parents are wonderful people! As soon as I told them I was getting into photography, they agreed to let me "practice" on them, doing portrait pictures! It was a very sunny day, and very windy! As I didn't yet have studio backdrops, we had to go outside, so thankfully it was warm out! Looking back on the experience, I would do things a little differently, but that is why we practice! I have learned the value of getting the image as right as possible with the camera, as Photoshop can only do so much! And I am also going to invest in a backdrop or two, with a portable least then I will have a Plan B! Learning aside, we had a lot of fun doing the pictures, and hopefully my folks had jsut as much fun (and will let me take pictures of them again!).

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