Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Real Estate Photography

So I have been having a ton of fun, exploring the world of photography, mostly as forms of expression through photographing nature and landscapes. I have enjoyed photographing people also, and feel honored to be included in those special moments for people! I have been exploring some different aspects of photography, and have decided to pursue Real Estate photography, as there seems to be a need with nobody to fill it! I originally got the idea while house hunting for our second home, and as it was with shopping for our first home, there were a number of listings with terrible photos, and I thought, "aren't you trying to SELL the house?" I found that I couldn't even consider those listings because the poor quality of the photos were too distracting! I said to my hubby that those particular realtors should just take those photos down, let me in there with my camera, and just let me do it. I have begun to realise that not every realtor likes to take the photos, particularily if their skills lie elsewhere! It occured to me that these realtors could use someone like me who loves to take pictures and could save them time and money but helping their properties move faster by having more attractive photos! I am very excited about this new venture, and am busy preparing things (and myself) to begin this adventure!

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